Recommended Books

Recommended Books

The Mist of Chaos

The amazing thing about life is that only when Choas is among our lives then we tend to start moving towards the things we need to improve our life situations. but there are the few of us that are always on the move to greatness to always plan our next move but why is that? well, it's built inside our body in which people call it our survival instinct. Our survival instinct is always on alert and looking for threats and things that might hurt us so most of the time it wants us to stay safe. In which the human being call this laziness.  but in this modern world laziness is very dangerous to our health and it should be our duty to tell our self that we need to always be moving. Also planning our next move to become greater and wiser while also enjoying life and realize that there is no limit to the thing we can achieve.

Sometime during the hustle of life, I forget that I need to be the best of myself all the time. and to figure out who I need to be every day to max out my potential and try to always be in the present as I go through my day of hustling. 

Daily life of a Car sales man

Today, is Monday and its been pertty rough already my pipeline is empty and customers are not showing up for their appointments. Yet, I feel like giving up, yet the other side of me is telling me to bare in and finish this month strong. Customers are so educated now about the car business that it is hard for the average salesman to make any kind of profit. Even though I read and listen to audiobooks every day to improve my skills in sales I still find it difficult to explain to the customer that me or we as sales peoples also need to make some kind of profit so we can provide for our family that's why we really can't take all the extra fees off of the products that we are selling. But most customers are only looking for their best interests so now I'm wondering if it's my mind giving up too fast or is it my skills that are weak due to my lack of effort to condition my mind to withstand objections.

Today, I have been reading the book Sale or be Sold by Grant Cardone. and WOW I learned so much about how valuable selling is in my everyday life. I never really notice how often I use my selling skills. Especially on my son by selling him to wash the dishes or take out the trash. also, selling my co-workers to help me complete my job. so far I learned a lot of skills in which I know will benefit me towards my goals of becoming a Billionaire. Grant also made me realize that I haven't really been pushing my self to my full potential. and that I need to do so much more work on improving my skill to reach my Goals.

Gosh, I wish I read this book sooner in life it would have helped me realize how important it was for me to learn to sell my self to my employees and relationships. while growing up I always thought that sale was a bad thing due to how my parents always hate them and the movies always made them seem like greedy and sinful people. this book really opens my eyes to a new world and also a new skill that I am planning to master so get me where I need to be.

Yes, I know life isn't all about money but it's just another problem to be fixed so I can really contribute to the world. so far by writing a Blog and giving my family an friends words of encouragement is a little kind of contribute to the world but not the way I really want to contribute to the world I want to make an impact so that I know that I did 150 percent of my effort. so when I lay in my death bed I know that I didn't just whistle through life and took space in this world for no reason. while I'm still alive I will be giving my all to GOD and his children. 

Never Giving up!!

For the last couple of month's I been deeply learning on how to code websites using Html, CSS, and Javascript. In which I been neglecting my blog but I'm back and ready to go I had to set my Goals and rethink where I have to set my intentions. The last couple of months I've been so into my studies that I started to stress out by having surprising anger issue towards my girlfriend and co-workers. So, I had to do some thinking about why my emotions are taking over me, so I sat down yesterday. And went hard on my six human needs only to find that the last couple of months I had put certainty on my top priority which was causing me to not take action towards the growth I needed to improve myself.   

Growth is significant yet the way life gets can cause a lot of us to forget that we need it in every way possible. Growth towards your health, wealth, and social life. Not aiming for growth will cause me to go back to drinking alcohol or doing drugs. So it's a mission for the rest of my life to always strive for growth and to ask myself how I can give back to the world? Even if I have so little to give so I remember that giving doesn't have to be money it can be words of advice or a helping hand.

Anywase, Thank you for taking the time to read my blog may God be with you on your Journey to your Greater version.

The 3 practices to have a balanced life

During my Journey of self-improvement, I found that there were three practices that I do every day that makes me be the best that I can be every day.

The first is Meditation a lot of people do not realize the benefits of meditation. When meditating, you are learning to focus on your breathing and learning to toss out all the mess running in your head. Your brain is like a computer where you regularly open apps while never closing them causing your self to overheat. Most people think that when they sleep, they stop overthinking in the reality that does not happen. If you were to sleep with an angry mood, the mood would carry on to the next day. Meditation is very hard for a lot of people since it requires for the person to sit still listening to their inner thoughts while facing the dark is very fearsome for many. That is why I recommend this app called Headspace which is free and will guide you through the excellent practice of meditation.

The second is Reading/Learning or self-education. There are plenty of ways to learn now since we live in the information age. But some of the best that I can recommend is Audiobooks,, kindle books, and Youtube. The reason for learning is fundamental since we live in an age where things change very fast. And continuously learning a new skill will boost anyone's income this is a proven fact just look at how many businesses started up and within a couple of years fail due to lack of Constance learning company such as JC Penny, Sears, K-mart, Toy R Us and many more. Learning is a never-ending journey people who refuse to keep learning are the ones that suffer the most and causes the most liability to family and businesses.

And the third is working out either by doing cardio or lifting weights. Exercising is one of the most important practices that a person should do almost every day. There are hundreds and hundreds of researches that show how exercising can help a person with the way that they feel to how confident they become an even a greater sex life. But to my conclusion is that doing these three practices will teach you the reader of how to be in the present of NOW which is very important by making you feel good and in control of your life once you get one done more will eventually get done too buts you just have to start. 

Facing my Past.

The funny thing about life is that sometime down the road we bump into people that comes from our past. And during those time they try to remind you of who you use to be, but you built your mind so strong that even the force of nature can't move you.

Today was a day that Karma actually came an hurt the people that hurt me but being the person that I am today I actually feel sorry for them. And I pray for them to find peace within them self and to find people that actually care for them. The most important thing that I learned during my re-education is that you as a person have a higher chance to find a person that meets your requirement in a relationship as friends or lover rather than to try to change the people in your life.

But, Out of all the people I talked to that have hardship in their relationship is that they don't want to start over. Meaning that they value the time that was wasted more than the pain that they have to go through and yes I know that not a lot of people are strong enough to leave. But to move on you have to see what you are worth. To be honest, God spends his time molding and planning your every perfection yet we a person never seem to realize that we are so lucky yet we spend so much time with people that have no respect for us.

It took me a long time to realize my worth, growing up life threw a lot of blows, but it took a while for me to learn how to fight back, but now my mission is to teach others how to fight life back. But I don't like to force people to change, so I started to write my blog to be able to help people who are too shy to ask for help in which that use to be one of my biggest weakness asking for help when help was needed.

For you that have read this far thank you for your time, and I hope I helped you realize a little change in your life remember it is never too late to be your best version of your self.

Finding my weakness!!

During my 31 years of life, I notice that I always had a habit of finding my weakness and constantly fixing them and till this day I still do. it wasn't until the last two years that I found one of my weakest skill in which was never thaught to me during my high school and college years.

That weakness was personal financial skills such as credit, buying a house, getting a bank account, taxes, and the whole nine yards of endless mathematical skills for accounting money via currency. I mean I have excellent credit and all but no one never really told me how to really how to manage money and value my abilities it took a while for me to realize that I have excellent skills in video games, computers systems, and social power in sales.
 It took me 12 years to realize that I never had a Debt problem. Yet I have high-value skill problem and that in this current world we live in people will pay you for the skills you can offer to their corporations but then I realize that my abilities and skills are worth more than any currency, money, and gold.  So then I had to learn how to start my own business so I can really show my skill to myself and God.

What I am really trying to say I never really stop growing and if you're still reading this you should never stop either. sometime when things don't add up you just have to stop and really look for some of your weakness and make them stronger. I believe that God gives us this weakness so that we will always go back to him so he can lead us the way to becoming stronger.  Goodnight

It takes money to make money??

Though out my 31 years of life most people I've come across In which we have a conversation about money most of them would say it takes money to make money and to my response, I stay quiet to let them continue their belief. that sentence those words are what I believe that makes people stay in poverty. I mean I have wealth, not like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet but enough to have food on the table and a smile on my face. But what hurts the most is when these limited words come from family and friends. In which we love them dearly to even want to try to convince them to change the way they think. I spent 5 years in my past with a person like this and if I had the knowledge I have today there would have been more loving years. but the past is the past as most will say if there is a will there is a way.

 However, from my experience and research of wealthy people and limited people is the language that they speak. limited people will always use the words impossible, never, can't, and not me. yet wealthy people would use such words as motivation, anything is possible, focus, and yes I can.

 Words are very powerful especially the words I am. which most people use every day such as I am stupid, I am ugly, I am fat and yet they wonder why no really loves them not knowing that the words within your thoughts reflect the energy you put out. there are so many proofs that the use of the word I am will give you what you clam even religious people, non-religious people, and even famous people as Joel Osteen wrote books and books to show the powers of these words yet 75% of Americans do not read after high school or college. Stay Woke

Rising my Standards

Last week while I was running I started to think to myself like how the heck did I let myself get fat again without even noticing it. After a little flashback, I began to see that I let my standards down without even noticing it.  Family gathering and birthday partys equal to alcohol and bad food. I was so busy enjoying my friends and family I forgot that I had to keep my mind focus on my greater future so I made a vow that I will never lower my standards again not even for my family, friends, and lover. 

Yesterday after a long day of work there was Churchs Fried chicken on the table that one of my family members bought. And without even thinking I ate two big thighs with rice. Only to feel guilty after I consumed the food. There I was my brain talking shit to myself, but I chose to forgive my self and keep a positive mind.

Today morning while I was jogging I could hear my mind telling me to give up since I ate fried chicken yesterday. But I was able to catch the thought of it and said to myself that yesterday does not equal my future and I must become who I am meant to be. Fights like this go on almost every day but I always tell my self now that the person I am today and forever will not let little things in life stops me from being me.

And to the people that took their time to read this I would like to say to you is never give up, there will be the time when we all slip from our old habits but we must not let the mistake define us for who we are and only we can confirm who we want to be and will be. keeping reading, keeping loving, keep giving, and you will be rewarded and If you don't get rewarded don't take it personally life is full of lessons either we grow or we keep taking that lesson until we get it right.

Teaching my son the COMPUTER!!

Today morning, while I was coding making applications for computers my son, came out of nowhere telling me the PlayStation 4 was not working, so I went to the room to see what was going on with his PS4. Beginning to realize that the PlayStation network was down. In which my son didn't understand so I had to explain to him that there are people that have to keep your account protected so that guys like your dad don't steal your money as I laugh. then Leon said you mean hackers? I was was like yea but there are three type of hackers white hat hackers, black hat hackers and grey hat hackers (click here for the information about these type hackers.)

However, I ask him if he wanted to learn how to hack games he was like yeah!!! so I walked him to the computer try to teach him how to make a new folder.  a simple task for him soon I started to tell him how a computer has a brain, leg, arms, and all lol mainly a ram, hard drive,  and video card. 
Leon got bored, so I started to tell him how important it is for him to learn how to use the computer and the applications and how fast technology is growing. Also, every daily human appliance has an operating system in them like your car, refrigerator, T.V, and the list can go on and on and on and how demanding for people to learn how to use the computer and teach other people how to code and help people with their businesses. In 2020 we are going to need at least 2 million coders in all fields and most jobs now and days are starting to disappear very fast either that or the wage is bull-crap with nothing but hard labor intensity with back-breaking work.the-10-it-jobs-that-will-be-most-in-demand-in-2020 But still, my son didn't understand so I dismiss him to go watch youtube.

Anyway, I wanted to mention that as a Human being we all need to contribute into society some type of way either with our body, creativity, leadership, or teaching. Money is a mere object you get more for the more you can give to the world. so give people Love, Encouragement, and the Most IMPORTANT A SMILE. 

The three L's to a happier life.

Every morning I began my day by writing my daily task in my red notebook soon after I write into my gratefulness book along with 15mins of meditation, then a 30 mins jog and sprint.  Blogging at 10am, Coding/web design for 2hrs, working for 10hrs then making time for my son and girlfriend. With such a busy life I had to find a way to keep my self from getting stress out. So I started to follow these three principles into my life.

Every day I made a promise to myself to learn something new, by either reading, taking online courses, or listing to audiobooks. The ability to learn is the ability to grow, and by not increasing I am making room for stress. Stress causes depression and depression causes hate and hate turn into a person I do not want to be. To be honest, everyone learns something new every day, but most of it is passive learning through media, social media and what others say. The teaching I'm talking about is the ability to chose what to learn that will help you improve your life situation, skills or profession. Heres an African Proverb, a wise man, knows he doesn't know everything. A fool thinks he knows everything.

Every day I tell myself to love everyone and everything knowing that life is very unpredictable so I must keep my mind clear of anything that will disrupt my inner peace. Most of the time when someone is angry and frustrated deep inside they just need a little love. A couple of months ago my son was playing Frontnite an online shooting game, and someone stole his legendary gun which he told me was very rare to obtain. With anger and feeling betray he punched his T.V and broke it. When I found out instead of punishing him I sat down listening to him found out his reasons then showing him the love he needed instead of making assumptions. Once he stopped crying I gave him a long talk about breaking things and managing his anger a life lesson I wished my father could have taught me. But that's another subject so LOVE everything and everything will love you back.

The most significant thing that I believe God has given us is the ability to laugh. As I age, I tend to forget to smile due to all the bills, and the daily task of being a Father, brother, Uncle, and Friend.  Making someone laugh is like winning a lotto ticket for me. Especially at work where most of my co-workers are frowning half of the time I usually show them a video or say something funny just to have their mood change but it also makes me happier too.

These three L's seem very easy to do but from my experiences, it was the most challenging task for me to accomplish to this day I still find my self-reminding my self to follow these rules but when I do my day become a happy, loving, laughing day. However, I hope I manage to help one of my readers to start to practice the three L's for a Happier Life.

The Life of becoming a Billionaire!!

The Mist of Chaos

The amazing thing about life is that only when Choas is among our lives then we tend to start moving towards the things we need to improve o...